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Head rotor 7123-344W for DELPHI

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China Balin Parts Plant as one of the top factories in China, we specialize in producing high quality and reasonable price of Diesel engine parts, like nozzle, plunger, element, delivery valve, injector, feed pump, hand primer, head rotor, ve pump parts and so on.


Our advantage:

Certification: TS16949

Technology: International Standard

Service: OEM Service

Ttransportation: DHL or as your request.

Price: Reasonable price based on top quality

Delivery: 3-5 days after finish payment


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7123-340R                                          4/8.5L         DPA

7123-340S                                          4/8.5R         DPA

7123-340T                                          4/9L            DPA

7123-340U                                          4/9R           DPA

 7123-340W                                        4/9.5R         DPA

7123-345U                                          6/9R           DPA

7123-909T                                          6/9L            DPA

7139-130T                                          4/9L            DPA

7139-235G                                          3/8R           DPA

7139-360U                                          6/9R           DPA

7139-709W                                         3/9.5R         DPA

7139-764S                                          3/8.5R         DPA

7139-764T                                          3/9L            DPA

7139-92Y                                           6/10R          DPA

7180-572Y                                          6/10R          DPA

91Y                                                    6/10R          DPA

908V                                                  6/9.5L         DPA

7180-600L                                          4/7R           DPA

7180-650S                                          3/8.5R         DPA

7180-647U                                          4/9R           DPA

7180-611W                                         3/9.5R         DPA

7180-613W                                         3/9.5R         DPA

7180-655L                                          6/7R           DPA

7180-668W                                         4/9.5R         DPA

7180-819U                                          4/9R           DPA

7180-965L                                          4/7R           DPA

7180-977S                                          3/8.5R         DPA

7183-125L                                          4/7R           DPS

7183-156L                                          6/7R           DPS

7183-165L                                          4/7R           DPS

7183-129K                                          4/7L            DPS

7183-136K                                          4/7L            DPS

7185-114L                                          6/7R           DP200

7185-196L                                          6/7R           DP200

7185-197L                                          4/7R           DP200

7185-913L                                          3/7R           DP200

7185-917L                                          6/7R           DP200

7185-918L                                          4/7R           DP200

7189-376L                                          4/7R           DP200

9050-191L                                          4/7R           DPA

9050-228L                                          4/7R           DP200

9187-210A                                          3/7R           DP200

344W                                                 4/9.5R         DPA

641L                                                  4/7R           DPA

645L                                                  4/7R           DPA

698U                                                  4/9R           DPA

800L CI                                              4/7R           DPA

547L                                                  4/7R           DPA

727L                                                  6/7R           DPA

927S                                                  3/8.5R         DPA

976L                                                  3/7R           DPA

15L                                                    4/7R           DPS

528K                                                  4/7L            DPS

215L SI                                              4/7R           DP200

215L CI                                              4/7R           DP200

511L SI                                               6/7R           DP200

511L CI                                              6/7R           DP200

039L                                                  4/7R           DP200

627L                                                  3/7R           DP200